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Grade Level: 2nd

Topic: People at Work

Specific Curriculum Connections:

Social Studies

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needs, shelter, wants, producer, consumer, income, goods, factory, services

Fill in the Steps

Go through each step. What specific directions or links do you need that are not included in the vocabulary lesson you published at the top of the page? Provide links and additional information under each of the steps below.

Step 1:

Also use Shahi as a visual dictionary to create prior knowledge and introduce words.

Step 2

Students discuss the words as a whole group giving examples of when they have heard the words or seen them in text.

Step 3

Students will use their dry erase slate boards and/or (Kerpoof to draw pictures of the words and share them with the class.

Step 4

Students will use index cards to match words to their definitions as a group activity.

Step 5

Students will now think-pair-share their new knowledge and vocabulary words by giving examples of real-life experiences.
With their partners, student will also choose at least two words that are the most difficult and discuss ways to remember the words with their partner.

Step 6

Students will play vocabulary relay race as they match words to the correct definitions.
Students are in teams as they are given a definition--they must skip to the other side of the room as they try to locate the correct word on index cards.