Gloria Arreola Treasures Workspace

Have students do a VoiceThread to:
1. support Treasures.
2. poems

Unit 1
Theme: Friends and Family

Introduce the unit:

Talk about friends. Show the VoiceThread the first week of school. Have students contribute to the VoiceThread. Show and listen to the VoiceThread contributions. Have students draw a picture about what makes a good friend. Write a sentence about the picture. Take a picture of the drawing. Download to a VoiceThread. Have students read their sentence to VoiceThread.

2nd grade vocabulary-Treasures- Field Trip to an Aquarium

2nd voc. treas. David's New Friends

2nd Voc. Treas. Mr. Putter and Tabby Pour the Tea

2nd Voc. Treas. Family Farm

2nd Voc. Treas. Meet Rosina

I found an excellent free resource page called iLearn Technology. It has resource for Treasures.

iLearn Technology

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