Name: Elyse Smith

Winter Vocab activity:
Elyse Smith K Winter

Unit 2 Activity:
Elyse Smith K Unit 2 Friends

Math Activity:
Elyse Smith Math Pattern Blocks

Science Activity on Investigating Water:
Google Powerpoint

Sight Word Activity:
Use this wordle of sight words (K words) and other words they may see on the daily schedule. Have them "search" for the word you say aloud. This activity is kind of like a search-and-find.
Resources for Using a Wiki:

Vocabulary Tools Evaluation


*We used Inspiration to make steps for the vocabulary.
*Twurdy was used to find articles for certain reading levels and then I highlighted the text.
*After this I used VocabGrabber to paste the text to find the most common terms/vocabulary to find my 5 vocab. words.
*To make a game later I used Wordstash. (i.e. )
*For the Unit 2 Vocab. words, the words were taken from all of the stories/read alouds within the unit.

Create your own Research Project Page from a Template

  1. Click on New Page on the left
  2. Start from template > Marzano's Vocabulary Template
  3. Rename it following this pattern: your name, vocabulary, topic or unit name
  4. You will now be on your own page. Fill in as you go and Save.