Cool Tools
Cool Tools for Drawing and Painting

Many of these drawing and painting tools can be used without logging in, which is perfect for students without
email accounts. The trick is in saving work. Use the Snipping Tool on a PC or Take a Snapshot on a Mac to save.

Get directions: Take a snapshot





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An online painting tool that records the process of creating the artwork. Use the paint bucket tool to splash paint on to the canvas.

No login is required to create or share. After the painting is completed click the save and send button and look carefully for a sentence that says "I'd rather not send this to your friends but I would appreciate a link anyway". Click that and get a link without needing an email.


Cloud Canvas

This drawing and imaging editing tool is a bit more sophisticated than most because it lets you use layers and vectors. You can also edit images. Integrated with Google Docs, this tool is a must try.

This tool is integrated with Google Docs and it's a must try.


Crayola digi-color

This is an online coloring kit for kits, complete with all types of markers and crayons.

No login is required to create a drawing. The site lacks directions, and a good thing to know is to click on the silver half circle at the bottom of the page to get crayons and markers. Visit the home link for more activities from Crayola.


Draw Island

Free online drawing tool that allows users to create simple animations.

No login is required to create, and this tool allows users to save files to their own computer. The tools works on an iPad or iPhone. Be sure to look for links at the top of the page to learn to create an animation. This is one of the only online drawing sites I found that doesn't have a gallery for sharing.


Draw To

A no frills, easy drawing tool designed to help users quickly draw something and share it.

Login is not required to create, share or publish. Just click the share button and get a link to the newly created artwork or get the embed code. It is set up to share with popular social sites, but the easy publishing features make this a good choice for students.



A fairly simple drawing tool with tutorials and drawing lessons.

Loginis not required to create, but it is required for sharing and saving. This site is extremely kid-friendly and appealing


Kerpoof SuperDoodle

This online tool has a nice variety of drawing tools for younger students.

In addition to SuperDoodle there are many additional activities and even a lesson plan section for teachers. Note: Kerpoof is owned by Disney, which means drawings displayed must give credit to Disney in the following manner Used with permission of Disney/Kerpoof


My Oats

Create simple or complex designs using shapes or patterns.

Login is not required to create, but it is required for sharing and saving. There aren't any directions so be sure to scroll across the bottom of the screen to view the toolbar. Each toolbar has several options.


OdosketchFlash based online sketching program, allows visitors to sketch, record and playback the process used to create artwork.

Free account is not required to create, but it is required to save. The site doesn't have any directions so be sure to find the drawing pallet at the bottom of the screen, then experiment


Pencil Madness

An online sketching tool that is Flash based.

Login is not required to create or save artwork to user's computer, but users do have to submit an email address to publish in the online gallery. There are some fancy effects tools in addition to the traditional pencil and paint bucket. This site has a fairly large number of ads.



Appropriately named, this tool lets you add effects to your own photos to touch them up or create unique artwork.

Try the Monet brush to create a nice impressionist landscape.



Online drawing tool, fairly basic, allows uses to draw/paint and record process

Social drawing site, users can rate, comment on, and share drawings. No login required.


Sumo Paint

Sophisticated online drawing tool that includes layers, and allows importing of images

Free version has many nice features, paid version has more. Login is not required to create a piece of art, but users need to create free accounts to save and share work.