Anna Schroeder's workspace.

4th grade - Unit 1

Unit 1 Opener:
  • Discuss pages 4/5 (Unit Opener)
  • Have students brainstorm an experience that has changed them.
  • Play Voicethread
  • Each student writes about an experience that has caused them to change - they also should draw a picture to represent this experience.
  • Scan and upload each student's picture to the Voicethread, and then have them record their story. Allow students and parents to comment on each other's stories.

Week 1: "My Diary from Here to There"
  • Extension Activity: Lino It Post: write a post-it with advice for a friend moving to Oak Park
  • Spelling City: 30 minutes/week of spelling and vocabulary practice (All 3 spelling lists and vocabulary list are posted - search "Anna Schroeder" - spelling lists have color code attached to name - ie, From Here to There - Orange Spelling)

Week 2: