Allison Ibarra's Treasures Work Space

Unit 4 - "Our Teams"

Introduce Unit 4 with the "Theme Slideshow" from Treasures and supplement with an interactive concept/question board via

Story 1: "Seven Spools of Thread"
*Practice vocabulary with Wordstash. - Play vocab games with this week's word list.
*After reading the story, show this teamwork YouTube video , discuss its' connections to this week's story, and then have students create their own teamwork poster with a quote, picture, and/or motivational phrase on it.

Story 2: "Nacho and Lolita"
*Play spelling and vocabulary games with this week's word list on Spelling and Vocabulary City. Search "Allison Ibarra."
*Create a character trading card for your favorite character from this week's story.

Story 3: "A Growing Interest"
*Respond to the Voicethread after reading the story.
*Create a uniquely shaped Tagzedo, using this week's vocabulary words, plus any additional words from the story that stuck out to you.
*Create a Problem Solution map for this week's story.

Story 4: "Ramona and her Father"
*Play this homophone word game to compliment this week's spelling/phonics lessons.
*Create a comic strip on Bitstrips to summarize this week's story. Be sure to use a few examples of homophones.

Story 5: "Out of this World: The Ellen Ochoa Story"
*Build background knowledge by showing the Qwiki about astronauts.
*Create pre-writing/research notes about Ellen Ochoa, Neil Armstrong, John Glenn, Gordon Cooper, or another astronaut mentioned in the story, using the interactive Bio-Cube on ReadWriteThink.

Unit 4 culminating activity: Complete the activities (watch the YouTube video, take the quiz, and complete the activity on the attached document on Allison Ibarra's Grade 3, Treasures Unit 4 Google Site