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Grade Level:


Curriculum area:


Create a link to your sample here. Try to link the words, not the web address.

Note: It i may be easier to complete this out of order.

Task Definition:

Task: Define the research task here. Delete what you don't need when you are done.
  • Include research task and final outcome.
  • Planning resources for you. (Find descriptors and higher level tasks)

Information Seeking Strategies:

Task: Choose the tools you would like students to use for this project. . This is just a list. Use the tools presented in Session 3 or add your own. Use your Research Tools evaluation template.

Location and Access:

Task: Organize sources for students to easily access online.
  • Choices:
    • Create links to sources right here in this template.Please remember to use words, not just web addresses. Directions
    • Create a new wiki project page with sources organized and embedded. Directions
    • Organize and embed sources on your own blog, site or primary web spot
    • Organize and embed sources in a Google Presentation. Handout
    • Organize sources using JogTheWeb Directions
    • Organize sources using BagTheWeb Directions
    • Suggestions welcome.

Use of Information

Task: Decide how students will get information out of the source? Provide links and directions if needed. Delete what you don't need. Remember to include modifications for struggling learners. Use the tools you evaluated in Session 3


Task: Create a sample project
Possible products


Teacher Notes: What do you need to remember to be successful?