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Grade Level: 3

Topic: Measurement - Watch Qwiki to introduce the topic

Specific Curriculum Connections:

Everyday Math - Unit 3 - "Linear Measures and Area"

Sample Lesson Title and Link:

List Vocabulary Words:

inch - Watch Qwiki

Fill in the Steps

Go through each step. What specific directions or links do you need that are not included in the vocabulary lesson you published at the top of the page? Provide links and additional information under each of the steps below.

Step 1:

Introduce the topic of measurement by watching the Qwiki. Ask students to help brainstorm a list of words that are related to the topic of measurement. Make sure the selected words from Everyday Math - Unit 3 (listed above) are mentioned, and highlight those words.

Step 2

Students restate or explain the new word in their own words.
Have students work with a partner to discuss their ideas, definitions, and examples of the selected words. Get together as a whole group and the teacher will share the definitions of each word.

Step 3

Students create a nonlinguistic representation of the word
Use ArtPad to draw pictures.
Use Kerpoof to draw pictures.

Step 4

Students engage in activities to deepen their knowledge of the new word.
Students will upload their pictures and write a sentence for each word to accompany the pictures.

Step 5

Students discuss the new word.
Share the sentences with a partner.

Step 6

Students play games to review new vocabulary.
Link to games created: Use the flashcards on Quizlet.