Marzano's 6 Step Vocabulary Instruction
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Grade Level: 3rd

Topic: Geometry - Polygons

Specific Curriculum Connections:

Everyday Math - Lesson 6.6 - Polygons

Sample Lesson Title and Link:

List Vocabulary Words:

plane figure

Fill in the Steps

Introduce your students to the vocabulary words from the lesson. Share your "teacher" definitions, which are more technical. Using the projector, display the Inspiration web, and ask for your students to tell you the definitions in their own words. Upload pictures that will help them understand the words better. Ask for synonyms, antonyms, homophones, etc. Play the Wordstash games/activities for practice.

Step 1:

The teacher explains a new word, going beyond reciting its definition

Step 2

Students restate or explain the new word in their own words.

Step 3

Students create a nonlinguistic representation of the word

Step 4

Students engage in activities to deepen their knowledge of the new word.

Step 5

Students discuss the new word.

Step 6

Students play games to review new vocabulary.
Link to games created: Wordstash